• 2011 Yamaha Beewee YW100 (not YW125 which seems more common)
  • 29,000kms
  • Lockable cargo box
  • Revit bike jacket with removable summer/winter internal, armour pads on elbows and shoulders
  • Teknic wateproof leggins with removable armour pads for the knees
  • Pair of Darbi leather riding gloves
  • FFM helmet and “CatCrap” fogging preventer
  • High vis vest
  • Unopened bottle of Yamalube (RRP as per price sticker NZ$19.95)








/blog/images/a1grt/Full Gear Front High Vis.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/Full Gear Front.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/Full Gear Side.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/FFM Helmet.jpg


/blog/images/a1grt/Revit Internal.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/Revit Jacket.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/Darbi Gloves.jpg

/blog/images/a1grt/Teknik Internal.jpg